Where is my Train – Get train status without Internet or GPS

For the train travelers,let me introduce you an unique train app which is named as “Where is my Train”.By this app,the user can get the details such as live train status and up-to-date schedules. One of main advantage regarding this app is that it can work and function offline without needing Internet or GPS.The app is developed on the platform which is  packed with useful features helpful for the users such as destination alarms and a speedometer. Now the app can be downloaded form the play store absolutely for free and which is the highest rated travel app in India. You can download and seek more information from the link given below.

As i have mentioned above,this app highest rated app,the reasons are following.One of the main feature and merit about this app is Spotting Train Accurately facility.At any time,anywhere,the user can get live train status of Indian Railways . Suppose you cannot get the internet or GPS while travelling the train,but  this feature can work with the help of cell tower information to find the location. Also the user can share their current train location with their friends & family via the share feature in this app. The traveler can also also set an alarm to wake up at a fixed time before the railway station arrives their destination.

Offline Train Schedules is another feature of this app,which the app can show trains schedule without entering train number or names.The Coach Layout and Platform numbers can also be get displayed by this app.The coach position and seat/berth layout are also be shown in this app before the user board the train. The platform numbers for boarding and intermediate stations wherever available are also be get through “Where is my Train” .

The consumption of battery and data use is very low in the case of the application, the reason is  finding train locations and schedules can be done in offline without Internet or GPS. You can check the Seat Availability and PNR Status also.That is through the official Indian Railways website within the app you can official Indian Railways website within the app

Disclaimer: The app is privately maintained and does not have any affiliation whatsoever to Indian Railways.