Whatsapp to roll out call links to make easy joining calls.

Mark Zuckerberg had announced on Monday that Whatsapp is rolling out call links. The Meta Founder and CEO had revealed that this is done make it easier to start and join a call in just one tap. With this feature users can tap the ‘Call Links’ option within the Calls Tab. This will create a link for an audio or video call which could be easily shared to your family and friends. As the rollout begins this week, people will need the latest version of the app to use it.

In addition to this, to make group calls even better, Whatsapp will soon support up to 32 participants in group calling. With this latest feature, users can join a group video call or even voice call after it has started. The user can see the participants in the video call likewise in various communication apps.

According to the reports, the ‘Join able calls’ will reduce the burden of answering a group call. This will ease in- person conversations and bring about spontaneity to the group call. With this feature even if someone misses the call, they can join the group call whenever they like. Whatsapp video call is one of the best ever video call feature that millions of Indians use to connect to their dear ones.

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