Take a look at whether the iPhone 14 Plus is worth buying in India.

The most awaited iPhone 14 plus is all set for its sale next week. Ahead of its sale, many discussions are going on. Let’s take a look at whether the iPhone 14 plus is worth buying in India. The iPhone 14 Plus is going on sale in the first week of October 2022. It hasn’t been a good start for the most awaited iPhone 14. Apple customers are going for the cheaper iPhone 13, even after the launch of iPhone 14.

The situation has been too bad, that the company has requested the contract manufacturers to reduce the iPhone 14 production. However the Apple iPhone 14 Plus model is yet to start its sale. Apple believes that this non Pro iPhone 14 series could change the fate. iPhone 14 Plus is the bigger version of the 6.1 inch iPhone 14 variant. With this new variant of iPhone, Apple will mark it’s return to the Plus sized variant. The base 128 GB variant that costs Rs 89,900 is the most affordable 6.7 inch iPhone variant available presently.

Now the question arises whether to buy the iPhone 14 Plus or spend more and upgrade to iPhone 14 Pro. Some of the benefits of the iPhone 14 Plus are that its larger 6.7 inch display. The only other iPhone with an equally big display is the iPhone 14 Pro Max which costs Rs 139,900. While, the iPhone 14 Plus is less than Rs 1 lakh. Despite the notch present on the top, you get more space and offers the longest battery life on any iPhone till date

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