Pixel 7 to be the first 64 bit- Only Android phone.

Google admits that the Pixel 7 series, including the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are the first 64 bit only Android Phones. It has been five years since the tech giant Apple has made this shift with the iPhone. Now Google Pixel 7 series has followed Apple’s way and been the first 64 bit- only Android phone. According to this, the Google Pixel 7 series can only run 64 bit apps and not 32 bit apps as with all over Android phones.

As the Google Pixel 7 series, drops the OS support for 32 bit code, it reduces the memory storage, improves performance and enhances security. With the coming years, this device configuration will become a commonplace says the Google Product Manager Serban Constantinescu. To make this shift happen, it required a lot of changes across the Android platform. These changes includes Google Play, developer tooling and the app eco system. This was not done all of a sudden. Google had added support for 64 bit to the platform in 2014.

It was in 2019, the required apps hosted by Google Play was included in 64 bit versions. There are rumours that Google will drop the 32 bit support all of a sudden like what Apple did in 2017. But this will not happen as it requires the rest of the hardware eco system to step up. The 32 bit code will still remain important on Android TV and Android Wear too

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