Its Now Easy To Type Malayalam In Iphone

Since iOS users are finding difficulty in using bilingual language like Malayalam in iphone, there should be a bug fixation in this issue. But we could access the Malayalam language in simple steps through using a third party application. An application named as Syncios is used for the above fixation.

Open the app in your Iphone and sync your Iphone which helps us to fix the Malayalam usage in our Iphone. First of all, we have to download an application malayalam keyboard.ipa which is the app to be used in the Iphone. Search the keyboard app and install it in your Iphone through the install icon in the Syncios.

Since it is a third party application, the app should be downloaded from the required site only and we have provided here through a link. After the installation, you can see an icon named as jkeys. Open the app and select the layout you like in it and open the settings option in the Iphone. Select General and then Keyboard options.

You could see an option Malayalam jkeys in the list and select it. Turn on the option “Allow Full Access” and you can use the Malayalam language easily. For more information’s about the installation and usage, checkout the video provided here.