Now Connect Two mobiles By Teamviewer

Nowadays among us almost 90% of people are using smartphones,as usual the usage of smartphones elder relatives,younger children or sister(some one who doesn’t know to clear all the complaints happensĀ  in the phone) are also increasing day by day.To solve a small problem,with our absence they have to contact with any mobile shop or service center. The problem is that we can’t think that the personal medias in the mobile will be safe.So here I am introducing you an application by which you can repair or control your relatives phone at your phone,may be in different country.The application named as team Viewer.

Download the application from given below links where the the first one ,you have to installed on your own mobile and the second one should download and install on the mobile,which is to be controlled.Let the mobile to controlled named as B.Ask the B to send you the code number shown along with the “you ID”.Make sure that both the mobiles should connect with the internet.

Open the installed app on your mobile and enter the code which you have received from B and click on “remote control”.Now a message will be delivered to B whether B allow to control his/her mobile by us or not.Select “allow” button to control the mobile by A.Now the Screen of B’s mobile will be displayed on your mobile.Now You can control B’s mobile through your mobile and make sure that they can keep their mobile safe.