Malayalam Astrology Horoscope

Your birth star are influenced by everything in your life. As per someones faith,Birth and time stars predict human behavior and predict future illusions. This app will help you understand the behavioral patterns and risks of life as per your star.You can read more features of this app from given below paragraphs and also the download link is given below.Some of the birth starts in malayalam is described below.

Aswathi :Aswathi is first among all starts and is at “Medam rashi”. In Indian astronomy and astrology, Ashwathy is mean for girl like horse. It is said that one who got birth in Ashwathy can defeated only through love.
Bharani : Bharani is a star in Medam rasi. The specialty of everyone who has been get birth in this star are the wide range of beautiful foreheads and beautiful eyes. They are good in both characteristic and health.They have Free behavior ans will get suddenly angry. They have the ability to attract others with their speech style.

Kartika  : The people with the Kartika star will enjoy luxury life. As per the astronomy and astrology This people have the specialty of romantic love.
Rohini :Those who have Rohini star will be more beautiful. They have the behavior of reacting very quickly and also have the skills to attract others .They are lovable and merciful

Makayiram :Makayiram stars should have to face distressed childhoods. The childhood of those who are likely to face disease and illnesses.
Thiruvathira :As like the name “Thiruvathira stars ” The person who sees in this star will be succesfull stars in their way.

Those who are born in this star are generally of the lean body. But they will be healthy.You will get more information and details from the application named “Nakshathrafalam “.You can download from the given below link.

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