Link your Aadhaar with mobile number and Pan Card

Link Aadhaar with mobile number:-
On the basis of the circular issued by Department of Telecom (DoT) in March this year, Aadhaar-based e-KYC was made mandatory for new mobile phone connections, that is all the existing customers have to link Aadhaar with their Mobile numbers.Costumers are informed to complete this process before 6th Feb 2018.For the process,you have to keep the documents including your Aadhaar card/number and your Mobile.

The costumer will have to go through the full biometric verification. To complete the process a verification code (OTP) will be send on your Mobile.If you are not willing to do so or not able to link the aadhaar card with mobile number, 6th Feb 18, services on your mobile number might get restricted

Those costumers who don’t have aadhaar card must request you to get your Aadhaar card made at the earliest.For the process of linking Adhaar card with the mobile number,the costumer are informed to contact the near by sim retail shop.There is no fee for the process.

Biometric verification is a process through which, a person can be uniquely identified basis fingerprints and details are fetched as per the information in Aadhaar database.All the sim company has been announced that the costumers prepiad balance will remain unaffected.The costumer have not to change their sim.

Link Aadhaar with pan card:-

2.Select the option “Link aadhaar”
3.Enter your pan and aadhaar number in the columns of newly opened page.Now you can check whether pan and adhaar have been linked.If not linked you can ink through this website.
4.If not linked,enter the needed details and click the “LINK AADHAAR” option seen at bottom of page.


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