Learn some amazing tricks of Google Pixel Android Phone.

Here are some really amazing tricks of Google Pixel Android phone. The smart phone which is available in three different models run on Android 12. The Pixel 6a, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have specific Google made features. These smartphones can automatically caption phone calls, videos and podcasts an more. To enable this feature, the user has to press the volume button and tap the Live Caption icon. A tiny box of text will appear.

This feature is available for any Pixel phones which have been launched in the last four years. These Pixel phones are specially designed to take pictures at night. From Pixel 3 to higher phones this works. The user will have to adjust the zoom settings for Pixel 4a 5G and later. This feature works the best while taking photos away from the city lights after 45 to 90 minutes of sunset. Another peculiar feature is that, you can translate screenshots with text written in languages using the Google lens feature. This feature works for Google Pixel 3 and the later models. Without even pressing a button, the user can switch to the selfie camera from the main camera. For this simply twist the phone twice or flip between the cameras.

Another amazing feature is the Quick Tap feature. This feature which works on the more recent Google phones will allow you to open the app, take a screenshot, play or pause the media or show notifications by simply tapping twice on the back of your phone.

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