iPhone 14 Pro users flag issues regarding 5G connectivity.

On September 7, 2022 was the most awaited event of the Tech Giant Apple. At the ‘Far Out’ event, Apple had unveiled its iPhone 14 series along with its other products. Apple had launched iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro Max in the 14 series. With its magnificent features and attractive look, iPhone 14 series indeed stole the show. According to the reports, iPhone 13 series was one of the most selling smartphone series in the recent times as far as Apple was concerned.

The company’s expectations about iPhone 13 were too high. Apple believed that the iPhone 14 series will exceed their expectations. But their calculation went wrong. There have been some minor changes in the company’s vision regarding the 14 series. According to the recent reports, the iPhone 14 Pro customers in the US have been complaining about the 5G connectivity on the devices. The consumers of Verizon Network in the US have flagged some issues. They have claimed that the 5G cellular connectivity on the Pro models are slow, frequently dropping and unreliable.

A user has also compared his iPhone 14 Pro with his brother’s iPhone 13. He claims that his brother gets all the four signal bars while he gets only one or 2 bars with a 14Pro. He also mentioned that his brother gets faster speed on 5 G when compared to iPhone 14 Pro. Despite of the complaints, Apple is yet to address the connectivity issues claimed by the users.

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