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You can download Malayalam subtitles for almost all films .To do so,first you have to download english subtitles for the films which you want to get subtitles on your own language.To download english subtitles,please follow the given below steps.To watch the video recorded with the subtitles on your own languages, English subtitles should be downloaded. You can download other videos for users if they have chosen to display a button on their page.

Download the subtitles for the video and files on your computer by going to the streaming video, and then click the Download button. In the window view, select the desired video file for download, and the desired caption file for download.

When you install VLC, follow these steps to watch your video posted on subtitles:
1.Open the video clip of VLC Media Player.
2.Select Subtitles from the menu and then Add Subditle File …
3.Select the downloaded file .SRT, and now click to open.

To get Malayalam subtitles please follow the given below subtitles.

You can find out the movie file you have downloaded from the required site in your file manager. To find out the movie file you need to open the file manager hat is inbuilt in your smartphone. Open the internal storage section and you can see many folders in it. Th efolder right you need to find out in whihc the movie downloaded is will be named as “Downloads” or else in any brower folder. If you are using any application to download the movies, you can find the movie in the app folder that is located in the file manager. Hereby the movie I have downloaded is right in the Downloads folder. You can see the movie folder. When you open th folder, you can see a .srt file just nearby the movie file. A .srt file is the subtilte file that is downloaded for the movie you have downloaded. You can download an english subtitle file using MX player for the english movie.

  1. Now open the website (
  2. Tick the “desktop site” (you can select from the options.)
  3. Click “Drop file to upload” and upload the English subtitle available here.
  4. Now you will get the translated subtitles.

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