Gallery Guardian to Make safe your children

Gallery Guardian is an application which let you to make sure about your children, brothers or sisters safe on their mobile devices.Most of children and adults are addict of watching porn videos or other type of spam video.this results to the destruction of their we have to stop them from this addiction. This application will help you to find whether there is any type of spam videos on their mobile or not.

The application works on a different systematic software that scans your child’s images and detects nudity or partial nudity, sending you an alert so you can take the appropriate action. The application will offer you the Secure, reliable and non-intrusive.

Their is no doubt about that the parents can make the children safe with this app. Gallery Guardian helps you monitor your child’s online activity and keep them safe. Given below is the working of application

  • Download and  install app on both on a parent and child’s device
  • Pair the app in two mobiles together.
  • After an initial sync and scan procedure, if the app will find any suspicious image it alerts the parent.
  • The app will not shown or sent any  images to the parent, the app sends just an alert to the parent’s device

One of the main privacy advantage of the app is that it never stores your child’s pictures and are deleted immediately after scanning.

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