Call Writer – Write during call

Are you getting tired of finding a pen and paper during a call to write or note something you want.So solve those problems,let us meet a new app named” Call Writer” .One of main advantage of this Call writer is that the app lets you take and save notes during an incoming or outgoing call.For more details about the app,Direction of using app and more information,please go through below paragraphs

Whenever there is a incoming or outgoing call on your phone,this app will be activated. Now during the call you must have to activate speaker mode in your phone and then click and select the icon of app to open the page.
For the user’s convenience to adjust,there will be a floating icon of app.So that the user can easily open the notes using paint and then select or adjust eraser size from the settings.

The app lets the user to write easily using notepad, also using the paint or can use both.The notes which you have wrote will be automatically saved when the call is disconnected.You can open the saved note from the app itself.There will be able to share the notes with your friends or someone using Whatsapp, Gmail, Hangout etc.The notes are saved and sorted according to date and time.The user can able to edit notes during call using paint or notepad.Go to settings and deactivate “Close Automatically After Call” to keep writing notes even when the call ends.

If you are writing a contact number with this app,you can now call directly to the written number in saved text notes.Also app lets you to open Email,Phone numbers and URL link made in saved text notes directly.
To get working this app in Xiaomi phones do this (Go to settings -> installed apps -> call writer -> permission manager -> display pop up window -> Then accept it).