An Application kerala Police For Safety

Here I am introducing about an application named “Citizen safety ” which is an initiative by Kerala police just to ensure the safety of citizens or to make a step forward among safety for citizens.The security system works with the help of soft and hard panic button. The application will send an SMS to advance numbers in order to help police. The app will give you a great feature, so you can take a photo of a computer and a registration number and send it to the web application server. One person is about to travel by car / auto.

Another application which is also for the same purpose named” Traffic Guru “.The application Traffic Guru has been developed under the supervision of the Kerala Police regarding safety for citizens. Awareness and awareness on major traffic laws and regulations in Kerala are targeted. The Kerala Police is requesting everyone to regularly play the Traffic Guru.Both the above mentioned applications will be helpful,while you are in trouble.Instead of calling some one from contact list on your mobile,you can just press panic button for help from police.

Whether you are workers or acquaintances, ‘are you following all the major traffic laws?’ The question should be asked. We are responsible for road accidents, time to change, “learn, practice, follow, and enjoy”. Expert selected HD tutorials to provide a step-by-step approach for following specific topics in traffic control. The traffic bar has raised the quality bar to any educational game with a serious visual master can download and install the application from the link given below.

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