Tips to get Android Phones performance Better

Rooting is the process which is same to jailbreaking the Android.By rooting an android device,it will enable to unlock the operating system, so that the user can install apps which is unapproved, deleted unwanted bloatware, update the OS,  firmware can be replaced, overclock (or underclock) the processor, customize anything and so on.So Most of the person are looking for rooting their android device.Here through,I will describe you that how to root your device.

You should have to update your phone to the latest version,if you don’t do so.By installing latest version of android,google ensures  stability, higher performance speed and connectivity along with other user-friendly new features.

One of main reason for slower your phone’s performance is due to the more storage space occupied or the more background processes running on your phone. It is because every app you install in your phone take some storage space and runs some background processes. So avoid installing app which you use rarely.You can uninstall or disable the apps which you are not using.

The next step to keep your phones performance stability,you should have to update your phone’s installed apps from Google Play at regular interval of time. Updated apps will perform better and faster than the one before, and will less likely crash your phone.Also boost the internal memory from high-capacity memory cards for maximum storage space.To support high speed you will get  2GB to 32GB worth of storage space.Try to use  memory cards of Class 6 or Class 10 to get a better performance of phone.

The next step to get well performed phone is to turn off animations. To follow this Go to Settings > Developer Options > Window Animation Scale > Animation scale 10x. To seek more information,please watch this video.

Follow the steps for rooting.

  • Go to settings.
  • Select About menu(from bottom)
  • Press above build number continuously for 5 times,Now you can seen developer option.
  • Go back and select the enabled developer option.
  • Enable USB debugging.
  • Connect your device with computer using usb cable.
  • Open the Kingo Root installed on your computer.
  • Click on Root after connected.
  • After download files,root message appeared.
  • Click here to watch video.


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