Some video calling apps working in UAE | Download And Enjoy

We all heard that One of the trending video call app “Skype” has been banned in UAE.This will be a sad news for all those who are working aborad. For them here throughout my post I am introducing you 5 video calling app which isn’t banned in UAE.

Agora Video Call

The user can enjoy high definition video communication anywhere in any country at anytime.This application will offer you the HD Video Call with Extremely low latency and Quality assurance on all kinds of internet conditions.
Some of main features about this app are it will provide you HD Quality of Video and Voice communication with Low Latency, smooth communication.This app is ease of use, specify a room name, then you are in the call.

DROTR Calls and chats with translation
One of the main advantage aboiut this app is that it will allows you to communicate with foreigners in your native language. The app will help you to translates messages, voice and video calls.This app wil offers you to translate Messages with instant translation into 104 languages and Video & voice calls into 44 languages.

Google Duo:
Another video calling app named “google duo” is one of the most quality video calling app which will support on both android and ios phones.

BOTIM – Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call

This application will also help you to video call in abroad.This app allows you to make voice and video calls over 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection, support all mobile operators and ISPs


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