Tribe ; A Robust iOS App For Video Messaging

Man has revealed his intelligence in this scientific world as it shows us the progress in our culture and education. He has also revealed the scientific inventions which rapidly lead the growth of the modern man. One of the important scientific inventions is the mode of telecommunication. Telecommunication starts with the history of smoke signals and drums widely used in Africa which now is developed into multi functional applications that opens the wide window of communication in a period of 2 centuries.

From the latest mode of telecommunication through a single touch, we can chat or send messages within seconds throughout the world. And now the renowned Apple company have developed an another iOS app which shows much more faster chatting through video as by sending video messages. This iOS app is developed with the aim of reducing texting to send messages. Apart from the developers, the new iOS app is named as Tribe which enables us to send video messages and easier phone calls.
Tribe introduces Experiential ‘EM’ Messaging™
The most common has been that sometimes you need to switch back & forth between Tribe & texts to send links, phone #’s, addresses, or simply because you are in a place you can’t speak. Because of this, we’ve built a minimalist chat feature which allows you to send quick texts within Tribe that last for 24 hours.
Emotional Messaging
The sound of your voice, the expression on your face and the hand gesture that carries the perfect punch line allows you to stay close to your contacts and feel something special for every single message you watch.


Efficient Messaging
Using Tribe you can reach people at any time. Asynchronous messaging means you record now, they see it later.
As productivity is key : you only need one hand to talk to all your team, friends or family, across timezones.
Elegant Messaging
Just press the person’s profile picture to record your message and then, release to send.
Handle many conversations faster than you ever did through a colourful and lightweight interface.

If you have any questions while experiencing the app, just ask the CEO directly from the app. He’ll answer right away to make you feel comfy. If you need any information before downloading Tribe, you can reach the developers on Twitter at @heytribe!

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