The final version of iOS 8.3.

Recently, the Cupertino company released the final version of iOS 8.3, the latest update of its mobile operating system. With this latest release, Apple said the introduction of new emotions, more languages for Siri and corrections of faults detected in earlier versions.

Now, what Apple did not stop to explain is that, with this new version, users already unusable explorers of files to manage your iPhone and iPad. Two 8 iOS updates have finished with the latest available forms installed in our devices iPhone and iPad applications not authorized by Apple Store. Previously was the installation from the web browser Safari which was closed completely, and with it some of the most popular emulators for iOS. Now, however, has prevented the navigation by the directory of iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.3 internal files.


In this way, the Cupertino company has managed to eliminate another “backdoors” that some users of iOS used to install applications not signed. At the same time, obviously, Apple can excuse with that is a way to defend the security of its mobile operating system and the privacy of its users.

Now, on this occasion they have run into several companies developing software that have already announced, will investigate the issue to provide parallel solutions. The most popular programs to explore files on iOS devices, such as iFunBox, iTools, iExplorer, iBackupBot and PhoneView, already cannot fulfill his duties. The developers of several of these programs have already explained that it is impossible to access the directory of files without jailbreak iOS devices. It is, as we explained above, to modifications on the permissions applied with the update to iOS 8.3.

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