Portable 20 LED Light Sensor & PIR Motion Cabinet Light – Buy Now

Here presenting you about an LED which will turn off and On automatically by Sensor & PIR Motion.The 20 LED sensor’s closet light makes your life more bright. You can stir the dark places in your shelves. The wireless motion sensor receives infrared (PRI) technology and man motion sensor.This technology will help you to less consumption of electricity.Most of us forget to turn off light while leaving the room or home.You can buy this product from the link given below.

2W Power
5V DC Voltage
LED Light Source
20pcs LEDs
Pure White Color
3-5m, 120 Degrees Sensor Range
500mAH Li-polymer Battery
Size:400mm x40mm x 21.5mm



Motion sensor detection: This product is featured with 2 lighting modes: “1”, “2”, “1” and always “2” for the automatic sensor. You can choose any mode of light to meet your various needs. When “2” is turned on, the auto-ignition movement is detected in 3 minutes and the auto-inactivity mode will not be detected after 15 seconds.
Easy installation: a skirt strip with magnetic moments can be easily adjusted from the body of the lamp. There are no devices, screws or nails that need electrical wiring.
Rechargeable by USB: rechargeable 5V 500mAH lithium polymer battery through a micro USB port through a canvas.
The most widely available applications are: wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, stairs, corridors, boarding gates, refrigerators or garages, drawers, storage areas, etc.

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