How to Install Two Whatsapp

It is now possible to use two different whatsapp accounts on a single iPhone surely, once you have seen you over the need to disconnect your personal account of WhatsApp to connect work, something which is really uncomfortable and would be more effective and productive if we could use two different accounts in a same iPhone. Of course, this operation is not possible at least up to now, but only to devices that have the jailbreak.

Now the iPhone and iPad jailbreak may, thanks to a new tweak called Social Duplicator, use WhatsApp two accounts at the same time in a same iPhone without disconnecting any of the accounts. Social Duplicator, the way two WhatsApp accounts on the iPhone comes to Cydia, Social Duplicator, a new tweak designed for devices iOS (iPhone, iPad) jailbreak and which allows us to duplicate social applications like WhatsApp among others (Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, Skype, etc.).


This gives us full freedom to be able to access it to two separate accounts for the same service in the same device. For example, if we have a personal WhatsApp account and other work, with this function, we can have two accounts of WhatsApp running on the same device, at the same time, without having to be disconnecting us and connecting us continuously to check both accounts. Once installed Social Duplicator through Cydia, this is really easy to use, simply we only go to the iPhone settings and move to the option Social Duplicator.

Once inside we need to select the application you want to duplicate, applications that are supported, in this case WhatsApp. Once you select the application, simply we have to specify the name that we want to have the new app in “Custom Name” and also the color of the duplicate application may change. After following these steps, simply have to click “Duplicate” and expect to duplicate the application process takes.

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