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As we all know WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most trending social media app which is  a freeware, crossplatform messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) service owned and now controlled by Facebook.By download and using this app,the app let users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and send images, document files, user locations, and other media.Now I am introducing you an app through which you can track a whatsapp user with their phone number.By this app,you will get noticed,when your friend is online.Please go through the below paragraphs for more details and download link.

By downloading and installing the application,it will let the user to get online information for their children,friends,or partner etc.. You can track the usage of whatsapp by them and protect them from any problems,if happens. By using the parental control you can see when it is active in the application.The application named “Whatloggy” will help you to receive instant notifications or watching the report at the all day.


Some of the features of this application are described below.There will be a Free trial for the users for forst time after they have dowloaded and installed the application.There is many Weekly, 1-month advantageous packages which will be more useful to you. Get unlimited notifications and Unlimited statistics is another advantage of  whatloggy Instant membership cancellation is also available for the user for their satisfaction.

After downloading and installing the app,some permissions are need to be agreed and continue.Then enter the phone number which you need to follow.Select your country.Set a name and enter the phone umber.Now you can see the timings of whatsapp account when they are active or the time when they are offline.You can download the app from the given below link and enjoy.We are not responsible for any misuse if you have done.

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