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Movie Trim-Video Trimmer app to Cut & Save any selected video portion from a movie by adding background music
itunes movie trim
It is relevant that most of the people are now discovering the new world through iOS smartphones and software’s as it provides secure and efficient data and information for the user. Now a days, people secures their memories and events through pics and videos that are remarkable in their life. But the another fact is that to provide such videos with a professional touch, they costs more than a normal recording. Here we introduce a new iOS software namely Movie Trim which is capable for trimming videos and editing them to provide the video a professional touch. This feature is enabled in iOS smartphones and is available in itunes store. With the quality recording and capturing memories and adding them a professional touch with the best trimming software, we could provide the best result among the series of movie trimmers.

Introducing the features of the new iOS software, the new software is mainly used to trim videos. Trimming videos is the process of selecting specific region that we want and saving them separately. Also we could add effects and music to the videos to the trimmed video very simply which shows us that the app is suitable to trim and edit any type of videos in our device. Also there is another feature having option to save video to our camera roll and is built with feature to share them socially.


To use the trim movie software, follow the steps provided here.

1. Select the Video from your camera roll or Record the video by using your iOS smartphone.

2. To select the trimming region, click on Trim button. Now you can see a yellow selection slider on the video. Just select the position of the video that you want to keep by removing unselected video clip. Once you done with selection click on Trim button which is available in the top navigation bar to trim video.

3. To add music to your trimmed video just click on Music button and select any audio from your device to add to your trimmed video.

4. To add effects to your trimmed video click on Effects button and choose the effects that you need to apply to your trimmed video and then click on Right icon which is available on the top menu to add effects to your video.

5. Once you done with all the steps click on share button which is available at the top menu to save trimmed video to your camera roll or on any social networking sites.


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