A wonderful Photo Editor & Collage Maker App – Photable

Let us meet an application from google ply store or app store named Photable ,which is absolutely an all-in-one photo editor you need for body reshaping and retouching. The app will get you an easy procedure for you to create your own magazine cover with our collage templates, stickers and filters, muscles, tattoos, beard and hairstyles.Just download and install the Photable now and enjoy the magical features of the app.please read through the below pargraphs for more details. to explore the magic and have fun!

COLLAGE MAKER is the main feature of this app, which provides hundreds of stunning templates, By including up to 12 photos the user can create grid style pic collages, freestyle collages, single framed photo and multiple-photo collages.


BODY RETOUCHING is another wonderful advantage regarding this app which whill help you to Reshape your waist line to get an hourglass look or enlarge breast by Photable. Also with the help of photable,you can just get make a fit body with  muscles, abs to your body by the professional body editor.

ARTISTIC FILTERS are also availble here, through which you can more than a dozen stunning filters , glitch effects & blur background and so on.By this app,the user can also creative stickers and hundreds of fonts. The tattoo lover, user can use fantastic tattoo designs from around the world.

Photable’s Hairstyle editor feature will help the user to create new hairstyle and best hairstyle for everyone.also you can use different beard shapes and colors by Photable’s beard photo editor. Go take a selfie, and add mustache or beard yourself now!

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